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Generate an XML sitemap online by submitting your website URLs. We also have options to add last modification date, change frequency and priority.

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Note: If you think, you have duplicate URLs, just use duplicate lines removal tool.


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Facts about XML Sitemap

  • Google introduced Sitemaps in 2005
  • A single XML sitemap is limited to 50,000 URLs or 10MB
  • The Yoast SEO plugin has 1.000 URLs limit for a sitemap to keep it fast as possible
  • A Sitemap index file can link up to 50,000 XML Sitemap files

How To Create an XML Sitemap?

Follow below steps to create your XML sitemap:

  1. First, list out your most important pages based on your service and targeting.
  2. Now put your URLs list in our sitemap generator.
  3. After this, choose options like last modification date, change frequency and priority.
  4. Now click on the “Generate Sitemap” button to generate your XML sitemap with your preferences.

How To Update Existing XML Sitemap?

To update your existing XML sitemap follow below-listed steps:

  1. List out URLs of your existing XML sitemap. You can do this using Google Sheets. Follow this guide to extract URLs from the XML sitemap.
  2. When you have a list of URLs, put into our XML sitemap generator.
  3. Now add new URLs and remove unwanted URLs.
  4. After putting your URLs, set other fields like last modification, change frequency and priority.
  5. Now click on the “Generate Sitemap” button.

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