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Character and Word Count Tool Online

Words play an important part in our life and being a social animal it has become a vital need for everyone. Today, we can live without natural oxygen and water but we can’t live without writing onto the social media. So what if your content exceeds the given limit? You might get stuck on where to edit from. So don’t worry this time because we are an ideal solution to all your queries.

Counting characters and words manually is not everyone’s cup of tea but you can manage the given boundaries of writing. Being a character count online tool, our website clearly offers you to count your each text or character before putting it up anywhere, that too, free of cost. You just have to copy and paste the text in the given dialogue box and you’re done! Counting Characters is a platform to ease out your problems ‘Because every word counts’! Free Advice: Don't Forget to bookmark this page. If you want to find and replace your text, use find and replace online tool.

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Social Media Character Limits

Here we have shown the characters limits of various Social Websites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.You should know before writing.

Facebook Character Limits

Facebook Character Limit
Facebook Status Character Limit 63,206 Characters
Facebook Username Character Limit 50 Characters
Facebook Page Description Character Limit 155 Characters
Facebook Comments Character Limit 8,000 Characters

Twitter Character Limits

Twitter Character Limit
Maximum Tweet Length 280 Characters
Twitter Direct Messege Limit 10,000 Characters
Twitter Handle Maximum Length 15 Characters
Twitter Profile Name Maximum Length 20 Characters

Instagram Character Limits

Instagram Character Limit
Instagram Caption Character Limit 2,200 Characters
Instagram Hashtag Limit 30 Hashtags
Instagram Bio Character Limit 150 Characters
Instagram Username Character Limit 20 Characters

LinkedIn Character Limits

LinkedIn Character Limit
LinkedIn Company Name Character Limit 100 Characters
LinkedIn Abous Us Character Limit 100 Characters
LinkedIn Page Name Character Limit 50 Characters
LinkedIn Company Leaders Headline 150 Characters
LinkedIn Company Leaders Description 150 Characters
LinkedIn Employee Testimonials 150 Characters
LinkedIn Recommendation 3,000 Characters
LinkedIn Publishing Post Headline 150 Characters
LinkedIn Publishing Content Length 120,000 Characters

Pinterest Character Limits

Pinterest Character Limit
Pinterest Boards Limit 500 Boards
Pinterest Pins Limit 200,000 Pins
Pinterest Profile Name 20 Characters
Pinterest Bio 160 Characters
Pinterest Username 15 Characters
Pinterest Board Name 100 Characters
Pinterest Board Description 500 Characters
Pinterest Pin Description 500 Characters

YouTube Character Limits

YouTube Character Limit
YouTube Video Title 70 Characters
Youtube Video Description 5,000 Characters
YouTube Playlist Titles 60 Characters
YouTube Tags Limit 30 Characters Per Tag