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Character and Word Count Tool Online

Social Media has become a part of our life over time and we are sometimes unable to keep our thoughts due to the limitation of words. Therefore, we have come up with an ideal solution to solve this problem.

Our website offers Character and Word Count Tool online where you can count words and character exactly before using it.

How to use it:

  • Place the cursor in the given box and start typing and see the total word, character with space, character without space and total white space values that are changing as you type, edit and delete content.
  • You can also paste the content to see the result parameters.

In addition to the above functionality, you can convert the text:

  • For Uppercase, Click UPPERCASE button
  • For Lowercase Click Lowercase button
  • For Titlecase, Click Title-Case button.

We are not limited to character and word count tools only but also have other free tools like SEO & digital marketing tools, image resizing and cropping tools, image converter tools, development tools, text editing tools and other useful tools such as QR code generator, Zip file extractor and many more.

SEO & Digital Marketing Tools

Meta Tags Length Checker

This tool will help you optimize the meta tags of pages for optimal pixel and character length.

page title and meta description maker tool

Bulk UTM Code Builder

It is helpful to create UTM codes in bulk if you have multiple URLs to track in the campaign.

utm builder

HTTP Status Checker

A bulk HTTP status checker can be used to check the HTTP status of up to 200 URLs in a single batch.

Bulk HTTP Status Checker

XML Sitemap Generator

XML sitemap generator can be used to create an XML sitemap online for an unlimited URLs.

XML Sitemap Generator

DA PA Checker

Check Domain Authority and Page Authority of your website by using this DA PA checker.

website authority checker tool online

Online Slug Generator

Remove special characters and white spaces from URLs to create SEO-friendly URLs now!

Online Slug Generator

Web Page Word Count

This tool helps you obtain the total word count of the content on a web page.

Website Word Counter Online Tool

Comma Separator Online

Convert your column data into comma-separated values (CSV) online without any formula!

comma separator online tool

Image Resizing & Cropping Tools

Image Resizer Online

Online image resizer to resize JPEG, PNG, and GIF images without compromising image quality.

image resizers online

Image Cropper Online

Try the image cropper to crop your JPG, PNG, and GIF (non-animated) images in a custom size.

image cropper

Image Compressor Online

Online image compressor to reduce the size of your JPG, PNG, and GIF images in kilobytes (KB).

image compressor tool online

Image Color Picker

Using an image colour picker, you can get the HEX colour code from an image online.

image color Picker

Image Converter Tools

Convert Image to JPG

Convert your PNG or GIF image to JPEG or JPG without compromising image quality.

covert to jpg online

Convert Image to PNG

Convert your JPEG or GIF image to PNG format without compromising image quality.

convert image to png

Convert Image to GIF

Convert your JPEG or PNG image to GIF format without compromising image quality.

convert image to gif

Upcoming Tool Here

Stay tuned for a new utility tool. Share it with your friends!

latest online tool

Development Tools

Online CSS Editor

Edit your CSS code online with this online CSS editor.

css editor online

Online HTML Editor

Use our lightweight HTML editor to edit your HTML code online.

html editor online

CSS Beautifier

Beautify your minified or compressed CSS code online now.

CSS Beautifier

Upcoming Tool Here

Stay tuned for a new utility tool. Share it with your friends!

latest online tool

Text Editing Tools

Letter & Word Counter

Count characters, letters, and words online, and change the case of words.

letter & word counter

Remove Duplicate Lines

An online duplicate line removal tool to remove duplicate lines and get unique lines.

Remove Duplicate Lines

Find and Replace Online

The best tool to find and replace text online within given data. This tool is useful for professionals.

Find and replace text online tool

Upcoming Tool Here

Stay tuned with us for a new utility tool. Also, don't forget to share this tool with your friends.

latest online tool

Other Useful Tools

Password Generator

This is the password generator that you can use to create a strong password.

password generator

QR Code Generator

This is the QR code generator that lets you generate a free QR code online.

QR Code Generator

RGB to Hex Converter

Quick and handy tool to convert RGB colour into HEX and HEX into RGB colour.

rgb to hex and hex to rgb converter

ZIP File Maker

Compress your documents and create a ZIP file using this online ZIP file maker tool.

make zip file online

ZIP File Extractor

ZIP file extractor is the best tool to unzip a ZIP file online within a few seconds.

zip file extractor online

Upcoming Tool Here

Stay tuned with us for a new utility tool. Also, don't forget to share this tool with your friends.

latest online tool

Social Media Character Limits

Here we have shown the characters limits of various Social Websites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest.You should know before writing.

Facebook Character Limits

Facebook Character Limit
Facebook Status Character Limit 63,206 Characters
Facebook Username Character Limit 50 Characters
Facebook Page Description Character Limit 155 Characters
Facebook Comments Character Limit 8,000 Characters

Twitter Character Limits

Twitter Character Limit
Maximum Tweet Length 280 Characters
Twitter Direct Messege Limit 10,000 Characters
Twitter Handle Maximum Length 15 Characters
Twitter Profile Name Maximum Length 20 Characters

Instagram Character Limits

Instagram Character Limit
Instagram Caption Character Limit 2,200 Characters
Instagram Hashtag Limit 30 Hashtags
Instagram Bio Character Limit 150 Characters
Instagram Username Character Limit 20 Characters

LinkedIn Character Limits

LinkedIn Character Limit
LinkedIn Company Name Character Limit 100 Characters
LinkedIn Abous Us Character Limit 100 Characters
LinkedIn Page Name Character Limit 50 Characters
LinkedIn Company Leaders Headline 150 Characters
LinkedIn Company Leaders Description 150 Characters
LinkedIn Employee Testimonials 150 Characters
LinkedIn Recommendation 3,000 Characters
LinkedIn Publishing Post Headline 150 Characters
LinkedIn Publishing Content Length 120,000 Characters

Pinterest Character Limits

Pinterest Character Limit
Pinterest Boards Limit 500 Boards
Pinterest Pins Limit 200,000 Pins
Pinterest Profile Name 20 Characters
Pinterest Bio 160 Characters
Pinterest Username 15 Characters
Pinterest Board Name 100 Characters
Pinterest Board Description 500 Characters
Pinterest Pin Description 500 Characters

Disclaimer: We don't keep your entered information, it is only generated on your browser not sent to the server.