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Enter String to Make SEO Friendly URL

Online Slug Generator is the best tool for webmasters to make SEO friendly URL. By using this tool, you can make URLs that are human readable and more valuable in the eyes of Search Engine Bots. As I am SEO webmaster, I know, we have to do recommend all the changes first, then the client will implement it after approval. So, at that time, this tool is very worthful to prepare SEO URL recommendation report.

How to Make SEO Friendly URL?

It is a very simple process. Suppose you are optimizing the blog posts of your client website, and his blogs have very complicated URLs with some special characters. To remove special characters from the URLs and make into lowercase, you can use this tool. Copy the heading, for example: "How to Lose Weight Within7 Days?" and put into this tool to get SEO friendly Slug. This tool converts your heading into this slug: "how-to-lose-weight-within-7-days", which is more human readable and easy to remember.

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