QR Code Generator

Create your own QR code online for free using our QR code generator. Just add text in the below field than QR code will be generated automatically. After entering the content, click on the "Save & Download" button to save generated QR code in your system. Try QR code generator and make high quality & secure QR codes now.

Features of QR Code Generator

1. Fast Processing with Real-Time Preview

With our QR code generator, you can preview the output in the real-time as enter the inputs. This feature will make it easy to test out the QR code before downloading.

2. Simple & Straight Forward

By using our QR generator, you can create the QR code within 2 steps only. You just have to select the QR type and enter the content to see the live preview of your generated code.

3. Different Types of QR Code You Can Create

In our QR code maker, you can generate different types of QR code as per your requirement.

# Plain Text QR Code:

If you just want to add only plain text in your QR code you can go with this type.

# URL/Link QR Code:

It is one of the most popular types of QR code which allows end-users to scan and visit the targeted URL which is added in the QR code. If you want users to visit your website, then you should go with URL QR code. To track the performance of this QR code you can add URL with UTM codes. To generate UTM code, use UTM builder.

# Email QR Code:

If you want to add email in the QR code, you can choose this type as it will make it easy for users to send a mail to you when user scan this QR code then preferred mail application will be open with the added Email.

# Phone QR Code:

If you want calls from your customers, you can use this type of QR code as it will open the Dial Keypad when it scanned.

# vCard QR Code:

This is very useful when you want to share your contact details. When you scan this QR code, It will open contact save option with prefilled contact details which are added in the QR code.

4. Save QR Code in High Quality

With our QR code generator, you can create and download QR code in high quality.

Disclaimer: We don't keep your entered information, it is only generated on your browser not sent to the server.

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