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Compress JPEG & PNG Image Size

This is an online image compressor that you can use to compress the image size up to 40% to 60% (ie. from 1000kb to 500kb). But it is fully depends on the existing image size and compression space. To compress your image, you just have to upload your JPG, JPEG, PNG or Non-Animated GIF image. After uploading the image, processing will start and you will see a download button once processing finished. You can also preview the compressed image. Now, you can download your compressed image by click on the download button.

Our image compressor also maintains image quality during the compression process and produces high-quality output. If you want to compress your image without losing quality, you must use our image compressor. To resize image, you can use our online image resizer tool.

How To Compress Image Size Online

  • To compress the image size, upload your image by clicking on the upload button.
  • After uploading the image compression process starts, it takes a few seconds.
  • Now you can download the compressed image by click on the download button.

How To Compress JPEG Image

  • To resize the JPEG image, click the upload button and select JPEG file that you wish to compress.
  • After selecting the JPEG image, the tool starts image compression automatically.
  • When compression finished, you will see a download button to get the compressed image. Click on it.

How To Compress PNG Image Size

  • To resize the PNG image size online, just upload your image, wait for few seconds to finished compression.
  • When image compression finished, you will see a download image button, click on it to start downloading compressed PNG image.

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