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Compress Image Size Online

Sometimes website loading time is increased due to high pixel images, so in this case the image needs to be compressed. The Image Compressor Online tool is used to compress images by 40–60%, or 1000kb to 500kb, but the size of the compressed image depends on the current image size and compression space.

Image Compressor Online Tool features:
  • Produce high quality output
  • Sustain original quality
  • Reduced image size up to 40-50% approximately

How to Compress JPG/PNG/JPEG/Non-Animated GIF image?

  • Either drag and drop JPG/PNG image or click on the "Select your image" button to upload the image you want to compress.
  • Once the image is successfully uploaded, the compression process begins and completed automatically in a few seconds.
  • Now download the compressed image by clicking on the "Download" button.

Disclaimer: We do not keep your images, all of the uploaded images will be removed automatically after 24 hours and we do not view, copy, share or sell your images.

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