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Welcome to the Free and Online Website Word Counter Tool. The tool as simple as seeing is equally useful. If you are a content writer, blogger or student, then this tool is very useful for you. You can count the words of any web page with the help of this tool, just click on one click.

This tool starts counting the contents of that web page when you click and gives results in few milliseconds.You can access this web page counter tool on any device such as on your mobile, laptop and tablet.

Where can you use this tool?

  • You can use this tool to write website content. To write website content, it is important to analyze the content of the competitor. Word length is very important then at that time our web page word counter tool works.
  • Even when you create a landing page for Google Adwords, our tool still works to count the words of the web page.
  • If you are a writer and your boss tells you to write a more lengthy article than this article. Then you can count the words of that article with our tool, which will save you precious time and you will be able to do your work well.

We hope you find our website Word Count Tool as good. We are pretty sure that you will share this tool with your friends too. You can also try our DA PA Checker to check your website's domain authority and page authority.

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