Website Word Counter Tool Online

Enter Website URL To Count Web Page Words

This is the website word counter tool which allows content writer, blogger or student to count the words of a webpage in a one click.

How to Count Words of Web Page Content?

To count words, just pate the URL of the webpage in the above field and click on the “Let’s Count Words” button. When you click on this button the process of counting words will start and show the results within a few seconds.

You can also count the words of a web page using your browser too. For this, you have to install our “Counting Characters” chrome extension in your browser. When you install it, then you have to open the webpage and click on the extension icon from the top-right side of the browser, then you will see the extension section in which you have to click on the button “Count Total Words of This Web Page, On One Click”. After clicking on this button you will be redirected to the Counting Characters website and can see the words count of that webpage.

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