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PNG to JPG, JPEG to JPG & GIF to JPG Converter

This is a free and online JPG converter to convert your PNG & GIF images to JPG format. This JPG image converter always maintains the quality level of your image, so don't worry about the quality of your image when you converting your image to JPG by using our software.

If you have JPG image and looking for the online tool to convert to PNG format, so you can use this JPG to PNG converter, which is also free in use.

How to Convert PNG to JPG?

Converting PNG to JPG is a very easy process. Here I have explained 3 ways to convert your PNG to JPG format.

Convert PNG to JPG Using Paint

  • Open your PNG image in paint application.
  • After opening the image, go to the menu bar and select the Save As option.
  • Now you can see various file formats (JPEG, GIF, BMP), to convert PNG to JPG, select JPEG picture option.
  • After clicking on it, you will see a popup where you have to give a name to your output file.
  • Rename it and save it, now you have successfully converted your PNG image to JPG.

Convert PNG to JPG Using Photoshop

Photoshop is a very popular image editing software in the world. Here I will show, how you can use Photoshop to convert your PNG image to JPG file.

  • Open your PNG image in Photoshop.
  • Now select Save As option under the file menu bar, you can also press SHIFT + CTRL + S to open save as window.
  • Now you can select the output file format, select JPEG.
  • Rename your output file and click save button. Now you have successfully converted your PNG to JPG format.

Convert PNG to JPG Online

  • You can convert your PNG image into a JPG image using our free PNG to JPG converter.
  • Just open our PNG to JPG converter, and upload your PNG image.
  • After uploading your image, click on the submit button to start processing.
  • After processing, you will see an image download link. Just click on it to start downloading your JPG image.

How to Convert JPEG to JPG?

Actually, JPG and JPEG is the same thing, means it is the two different extensions of the same image format.

Below, I have explained how you can convert JPEG to JPG by different methods:

Convert JPEG to JPG Using Paint

  • Open JPEG image in the paint.
  • Go to save as option under the file menu.
  • Now select JPEG picture option, and rename your image file and add .jpg at the end of the file name.
  • Click save, now you have successfully converted your JPEG image to JPG.

You can also apply this process to convert a JPG image to JPEG by entering .jpeg at the end of the file name.

Convert JPEG to JPG Online

I have added a functionality to this tool that allows you to convert JPEG image to JPG image. To convert a JPEG image to JPG, just upload JPEG image and click submit button to start the process.