UTM Builder

To generate UTM code, just paste the URLs in the below field and fill the other mandatory fields then click on "Generate UTM URLs" button. The best feature of our UTM Builder is that, you can apply the same UTM parameters to the multiple URLs in one click.

UTM Generator

This UTM campaign builder allows you to build UTM tracking codes to track campaign performance in Google Analytics or any other analytics software like Mixpanel and Kissmetrics. By using our UTM code generator, you can build UTM campaign URLs in bulk. If you are running many campaigns on different platforms, so it is necessary to track the performance of each campaign.

To build UTM URLs by using our UTM builder, follow the below steps:

  1. Website URLs: In the first field, enter the URLs, one URL each line. It is required for UTM parameters.
  2. Campaign Source:In this field, enter the platform name where you want to share the URL. Eg: facebook or google. It is the required UTM parameter.
  3. Campaign Medium: In this field, enter the medium that you are using for your campaign. Eg: banner, facebook post. It is the required UTM parameter.
  4. Campaign Term: It is the optional UTM parameter, in this field you can add a term that is related to your campaign. Eg: paid keywords.
  5. Campaign Content: It is also the optional UTM parameter, usually it is used to track specific content. For example, you can add ad copy title for each URL to differentiate between two ads.

UTM in Google Analytics

If you are running any campaign or planning to start, so it is very important to add UTM codes to the end of the URLs that you are promoting and measure the performance in Google Analytics (Assuming you have installed on your website).

How to Track Campaign in Google Analytics

It is a very easy process to track campaign in Google Analytics. To track campaigns, please go to Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns from the menu bar.

In this page, you can track the Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions performance of all the campaigns and you can also view each campaign by campaign name, source and medium.

What are the UTM Parameters?

UTM parameters are simply tags that marketers add to a specific URL. When your link is clicked by users, then the tags are sent back to Google Analytics for tracking purposes. With UTM parameters, you can analyse the key performance of the campaign.

Types of UTM Parameters

There are five types of UTM parameters you can add to your campaign URL:

  1. utm_source
  2. utm_medium
  3. utm_campaign
  4. utm_content
  5. utm_term

Here we have explained about each UTM parameter with a suitable example:

Campaign Parameters Explanation & Examples

Campaign Source



Use utm_source to identify a social media platform, search engine, newsletter name, or other source.

Example: google

Campaign Medium



Use utm_medium to identify a medium such as email, social media or cost-per-click.

Example: cpc

Campaign Name



Used for name of Campaign. Use utm_campaign to identify a specific product promotion or season campaign.

Example: utm_campaign=25%_discount_sale

Campaign Term


Used for paid search. Use utm_term to identify the keywords for specific ad.

Example: sports+cycle

Campaign Content


Used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads. Use utm_content to differentiate ads or links that point to the same URL.

Examples: logolink or textlink

Frequently asked questions

Q: What does UTM stand for?

A: UTM full form is Urchin Tracking Module; it is used by Google Analytics to track your campaign URLs.

Q: How do I generate a UTM code?

A: To create UTM code, you just need to fill up following UTM parameters: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term and utm_content. You can use our UTM Builder to generate UTM code in Bulk.

Q: What are UTM parameters in Google Analytics?

A: Following are the UTM parameters that used to build a UTM code. This UTM code helps to track the performance of digital campaign.

  • Campaign Source (utm_source) - It is required. Example: google
  • Campaign Medium (utm_medium) - It is required. Example: cpc
  • Campaign Name (utm_campaign) - It is required. Example: utm_campaign=25%_discount_sale
  • Campaign Term (utm_term) - It is optional. Example: sports+cycle
  • Campaign Content(utm_content) - It is optional. Examples: logolink or textlink

Q: What Does a UTM Code Look Like in a URL?

A: UTM code look like this:

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