Bulk HTTP Status Code Checker

Check the HTTP status code of up to 200+ URLs in one click and export the data in CSV file. Just enter your URLs in the below field and click on the submit to get started.

Note: If you think, you have duplicate URLs, just use duplicate lines removal tool.

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HTTP Response Code Checker

Do you want to check the HTTP status code of multiple URLs? If yes, so you can use our HTTP status code checker to check which URL server status is ok (200) or broken (404) or redirected (301, 302).

By using our bulk HTTP status code checker, you can check the server status of up to 200 URLs in one click. After checking the HTTP status, you can export the output table in CSV file.


  • HTTP Status of Up to 200+ URLs: With our HTTP status code checker, you check the HTTP status code of up to 200+ URLs in a click.
  • Fast Processing: Our tool processes the URLs very fast and delivers status codes of entered URLs within a few seconds.
  • Data Export in CSV: After checking the status code of URLs, you export the output data in a CSV file.

HTTP Status Codes

Here is the list of most common HTTP Staus Codes:
HTTP Status Code Meaning
2xx Success
200 OK
201 Created
204 No Content
3xx Redirection
301 Moved Permanently
304 Not Modified
307 Temporary Redirect
4xx Client Error
400 Bad Request
401 Unauthorized
403 Forbidden
404 Not Found
409 Conflict
5xx Server Error
500 Internal Server Error
502 Bad Gateway
504 Gateway Timeout

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