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Meta Title & Description Length Checker

The Google SERP snippet optimization tool is a completely unpaid/free online tool that lets webmasters draft precise web page title and meta descriptions. Why are page title and meta description optimization necessary? According to the Google guidelines, Google trims your page meta title and meta description if the meta description length and meta tags length exceed the recommended limits.

As per the Google webmaster guidelines, the meta title of a web page should not exceed the recommended 50-60 characters. In addition to that, the meta description of a web page should not exceed 120 to 160 characters. Thus, the aim is to keep it short, simple, and SEO friendly without exceeding the character limits.

How does Google Search Preview Tool help?

The Google SERP tool is designed to cut-short and customize the existing meta title and description of a web page as per the recommendations. The tool counts your page title and meta description input as per both character and pixel length.

Meta Title Length (Characters & Pixel)

  • Every website’s page should have a unique and descriptive page title. The page title should not exceed the recommended 50 to 60 character limit.
  • Having said that, Google allows the meta title of up to a maximum of 65 characters. Also, the minimum Page title limit is 30 characters.
  • Adding more to it, the Page title should not be of more than 571 pixels and less than 200 pixels. Moving on, the page title should not be same as the H1 tag. Both should be unique.

Meta Description Length (Characters & Pixel)

The meta description is a short summary of the content available on a particular webpage. The meta description is used by Google to display the snippet as per the search query. The meta description length can be 120 to 160 in characters and 430 to 923 in pixels. The important thing is that the meta description should be unique & descriptive for every web page.

  • As per the guidelines, the meta description should be unique and descriptive in nature. Plagiarized meta description might lead to penalization of the website by Google.
  • Moving on, the meta description length should not exceed the recommended limit of 120 to 160 characters. The maximum acceptable length is 165 characters.
  • Lastly, the meta description length should not be more than 923 pixels and less than 430 pixels in size.

Note: Google doesn't count the meta title and description in number of characters, it uses 'pixels' instead.

At Counting Characters, our main focus was to build a meta title and description length checker that makes the task of creating meta title and description easy for webmasters. We constantly sync in feedbacks from users and update our tool to offer the best google serp optimization tool to our users. Google SERP optimization tool makes it easy for fellow webmasters to make amazing and Google friendly web page title and meta description. As we know Google adds ellipsis, represented by (...) after the page title or description in case the meta description character count or limit exceeds the recommended length. This makes the prefered meta description and meta title ineffective by hiding the important keywords.

With the use of this awesome tool, you can maximize the probabilities of your web pages perform higher in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and generate higher clicks and organic traffic.

For better results, add counting characters on Google Chrome. Also, don't forget to share this meta description and meta title pixel length checker with your friends and colleagues.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long is a meta description?

A: The new meta description length is up to 923 pixels as per the Google webmaster guidelines, which might allow you to craft meta description up to 160 characters.

Q: What makes a good meta description?

A: Meta descriptions, those not built to manipulate search engines. The good meta description should satisfy the intent of users and have targeted keywords with a call to action.

Q: How do you write a meta title and description?

A: Follow below mentioned tips to write a good meta title and description:

  • Use the targeted keywords but don't overuse it.
  • Give first priority to users, not search engines.
  • Use related keywords
  • Add call to action in the end of description.

Q: How to view meta description on a website?

A: To view meta description of a webpage, press CTRL + U to open view source and search for <meta name="description". To extract meta description in bulk using Google Sheets, you can read this guide.

Q: How do I optimize meta description?

A: To optimize the meta description, you should use targeted keywords with a simple call to action. To choose the best keywords, you must do the keyword research.

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