6 Meta Description Examples For Homepage, Blogs & E-commerce

Meta Descriptions Examples

We won’t talk about what is a meta description? I’m sure almost all of you know it already. But, if you don’t, the definition is readily available on the internet. What we will do talk about is, the importance of meta description. So, without taking much of your time, let’s take a look at some great SEO meta description examples for homepage of blogs and e-commerce.

Meta Description Examples

Crafting a good meta description is not a difficult task but make sure your approach is right. There’s one thing you should always remember and that is, you have to limit your meta description within the 160 characters or 923 pixels limit (use meta description length checker for this task). Also, use a call to action towards the end of every meta description.

Homepage Meta Description Examples

The homepage is the information hub of services you offer to your customers. So, when you’re writing meta description for the home page, remember the services you are offering and the motto of your website.


LinkedIn Meta Description Example
Why is it a perfect example? Meta description of the LinkedIn homepage is a perfect meta description example. It perfectly shows what you can do on LinkedIn and why you should use this platform.


Backlinko Meta Description Example
Again, why Backlinko’s home page meta Description is a good example? Backlinko is targeting two main keywords in this meta description, one is ‘SEO training’ and the second is ‘link building strategies’. Both keywords are covered in the meta description perfectly. Brian always uses the simplest words that touch their user’s emotions. For instance, in this example he has added “next-level” before the main keyword. You should also use these type of words to touch your user’s emotions.

Meta Description Examples For Blogs

According to me, whenever you are write a meta description for the blog posts, you should always maintain the suspense for the user. Don’t reveal the plot otherwise it won’t remain interesting.

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Meta Description Example For Blogs
Why is this Good? This meta description is usually in a question and answer format that works very well for Ahrefs. Here “Link Building Tools” is the main keyword that is covered in the meta description. You can also write meta description in this form by asking a question and give the direct answer.


Meta Description Example For Blogs

Why is this Good? Here “On Page SEO” is the main keyword and see how beautifully Yoast has covered it in the meta description while repeating it two times to make more relevance. You can also use your main keyword twice but in a good manner.

E-commerce Meta Description Examples

To write a meta description for e-commerce website you should focus on the prevailing deals and offers. Accordingly, to make your e-commerce meta description SEO friendly, you can use an actionable call to action words like ‘hurry up, this deal only for today, limited stocks and free delivery.’


Meta Descriptions Examples for E-commerce

Why their home page meta description is a perfect example of how homepage meta description should be like? The meta description of Myntra’s homepage uses all things that are necessary for an e-commerce store. Buy, Online, Free Shipping and COD are words that make this meta description relevant and Google search friendly. You can also use these kinds of words to make your e-commerce meta description SEO and user-friendly.


E-commerce Meta Descriptions Examples
Talking of Flipkart’s homepage description, the brand has used the focus keyword in the very beginning, making what the page is all about evident from the very first word. It also has a call to action that engages users to click on it.


Meta Descriptions are essential for webpages and especially for e-commerce websites. You can’t stick with the same Meta description on E-commerce sites, as new seals, offers and discounts are always there, and you will need to change accordingly. Character count must be in between 155 to 165.

These are some good examples of meta description what homepage meta description should be like in case of e-commerce websites and blogs. Now, you can easily understand and write a good meta description, knowing which assets are important to make your meta description more readable and attractive. If you would like to add more or share some relevant information on how to write SEO meta description, share it using the comment section below.