10 Simple and Free SEO Tools (Updated for 2023)

Panguin Tool

The Panguin Tool allow you to analyse the traffic trends after the Google Algorithm Updates.

Robots.txt Generator

Create a correct robots.txt file in an instant so search engines know how to crawl your website.

Keyword Sheeter

It can give you related queries around your main keyword that you can use to create content around that queries.

Meta Tags Length Checker (in Pixel, not in characters)

You can optimize meta tags based on pixel length instead of characters as Google truncate meta tags using pixel.

Schema Markup Generator

Create structured data markup in the JSON-LD format. Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator helps you create the right schema code.

UTM Builder (For multiple URLs)

A very unique UTM Builder that allows you to create UTM code for multiple URLs in one go.

View Rendered Source

View Rendered Source shows the differences between the raw version of your code and what is rendered.

Exploding Topics

Discover the hottest trends. Use this tool to find out the trending topics.

Google Data Studio

It will allow you to create Easily Build Custom Reports and Dashboards


This tool lets you put your Google Docs into WordPress, while retaining your formatting without excess code.