Google Cache Checker

This Google Cache Checker tool lets you check the last cache of web pages that have been cached by Google. By using our tool, you can check the Google cache of 100 web pages in one click and you can also export the output data in the .CSV file which will help to analyse the data.

Note: Enter URLs with http or https and if you think, you have duplicate URLs, use duplicate lines removal tool.

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What is Google Cache?

Google Cache is a version of your web page which is crawled by Google. It is the HTML of your page which is received by your website server when bot crawled your page.

How to Check the Google Cache of Web Page?

There are 2 ways to check the Google cache of webpages.

  1. To check it, search for a query in the Google and go to any result listing then you can see a down arrow close to the URL. Now click on it then you will see three options, from that click on the "Cached" to see the Google cache of that page.
  2. The second way to check the Google cache is very easy. Just open any browser and type cache: in the URL bar then enter the web page URL and press enter, then you can see cache version.

By following these ways you can check the Google cache of a single at once. But what when you need to check the last cache of multiple URLs. To check the last cache of multiple URLs, you can use our Google cache checker that allows you to check Google cache of multiple URLs.

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