8 Social Media Marketing Tools That You Must Try

Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media has become a necessity of the modern world. It’s something that people use every day. It has proven to be an exceptional platform to connect with the audience, and digital marketers are well-aware of the fact.

Since the number of individuals on social media keeps increasing, more businesses are using it to advertise their products or services. People often use more than a single social site, and it’s something that needs to be considered before devising a strategy.

The top 10 social media marketing tools for preparing a strategy that works are:-


A content creator is aware of the importance of visuals. It can be in the form of pictures, images, portraits, videos, or infographics. Regardless of the type that you intend to use in your content, their addition is essential.

Animoto is a tool that can assist you in the process. It offers access to an extensive database of appealing templates and themes, along with a compilation of music to provide depth to the video.

The tool also lets you add text to the video, with 85 per cent of video ads being played without sound.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism or the theft of ‘’intellectual property’’ is an offense of copying others’ work without consent. When writing content to post online, we often research from various sources. Unintentionally we might find our text matching with a source.

Plagiarism has different types. It can be intentional or unintentional, but regardless of its kind, the overall impression and seriousness of the offense remain the same. Therefore, the best way to get around such a situation is to use an online plagiarism checker.


The key to creating a post with high engagement is quality. Quality is something that can’t be compromised. However, it’s a lot easier said than done, and you would need to spend a lot of time, especially if it involves visuals like infographics.

Design is also crucial in getting the attention of the viewer. Previously, webmasters believed that a graphic designer could only perform such a task. Nonetheless, Venngage provides several high-quality and appealing templates to assist you in making impeccable presentation slides or infographics.

Grammar Checkers

Content writing involves text, and if it doesn’t comply with the rules of the English language, you are already down by a point. Irrespective of how firm your grip over the language might be, there is still a chance for errors.

Some common mistakes that might arise in a text area:-

  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Improper vocabulary use
  • Lack of clarity in a sentence

Tools like Grammarly can be used to improve your writing skills. It can also help you find and correct any existing errors. So, before publishing the text on a social site, you should always use a grammar checker tool to ensure its well-written.


Visual content is significant; however, if you are not experienced, and you can’t approach a designer, it can be challenging to find the right images for your content. It can also cause a problem in creating social content for your website.

It’s where a tool like Canva comes in handy.

Canva provides drag-and-drop design operation; custom layouts premeditated for several marketing channels, and stunningly considered text covers and font selections.

It can help you create:-

  • Photo collage
  • Custom photos for social sites
  • Covers for eBooks
  • Featured blog images


An essential factor in promoting your brand is to ensure that you continuously maintain contact with your audience. The whole task of opening your PC and moving to the social sites to answer questions can get hectic. It isn’t easy always to keep up, and thus you can use a messenger instead.

Many social networking sites have prepared their messenger applications like Facebook. Messenger allows you to maintain constant contact with your audience. If you are offering services or products, it’s the most straightforward way to always remain active and answer any queries.

Rival IQ

One of the essential tools that can be used for site management is the Rival IQ. Page insights are crucial yet challenging to keep track of all the stats. It includes pulling specific tabs and moving through platforms that could get time-consuming.

Rival IQ puts all the engagement metrics side a particular dashboard. You can easily view the total likes on your page, overall reach, total consumption, and rate.

Fast access to the insights allows the user to make pivotal choices for your social media marketing strategy at a lot higher pace.


It would be best if you track your social media progress. It’s crucial in finding and assessing ways that require more attention. Bit.ly operates to support you in making your marketing efforts traceable. Bit.ly is regarded as a URL shortener; however, it has offered functionality beyond links.

The Bit.ly can be used to generate custom links for each campaign. It can even produce individual custom links for various social channels, incremental in measuring the performance of your campaign.

It’s a remarkable way to comprehend which social media channels generate the most traffic from the posted content.

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