5 Reasons Why You Should Set up Instagram Business Profile

Instagram Business Profile

Instagram is the most popular social network in the world, with a billion active users per month. This social network is entirely free (of course, you already knew that) so, if you’re a company, there’s not a single reason not to open an Instagram business profile. If this social network is known and used correctly, it can only bring you benefits.

Whether you’re a large company with a recognizable name or a small one, this application can help you achieve positive results in your business. You are wondering how to do it? Here are five steps to help you create your perfect business profile on Instagram.

1. How to Use Instagram for Business? Be Recognizable

The first and foremost thing to start with is to create an Instagram profile for your company. What you need to know at the beginning is to select the Instagram business profile option when creating an account on this social network. This will allow you to use the series of various tools that will help you improve and analyze your business through this application.

Then determine what your profile will look like, how it will be recognizable, with what content, and how it will be related to your brand – all that in order to improve Instagram marketing. Make a plan of what colors you want to use and how they will be associated with your product, as well as what filters you’ll use.

When it comes to colors, you can use a warmer palette that will evoke a specific emotion in people, or just stick to one or two colors that will dominate your posts. That way, your posts and products will be recognizable. Also, one of the methods to develop visibility on Instagram is to use specific filters on your posts. It will be one of the easiest modalities to leave your personal mark.

2. How to Run an Instagram Profile? Create a Content Calendar

Once you’ve created your Instagram business profile, take care of the plan of your posts. Always keep in mind what you’ll publish and when you’ll do it.

Consider what you want to achieve to improve your business on Instagram. Do you want to boost sales of your products, increase the number of followers, gain more commitment, or engage with people? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and only then – start with posting.

Plan how much time you have for your Instagram. You should publish different types of content every day so that you don’t become monotonous: promotional images, videos, stories, photos…

Make your business calendar on how to advertise on Instagram: when you’ll promote during discounts, promotions, and inform your followers about further plans. It will definitely help you save your time and bring results in the long run.

3. What Will You Post on Your Profile?

After creating the strategy, it’s time to move on to the action of publishing your posts. The content you share on your profile may be of a different nature. Post statistics and facts about your brand or sales to encourage followers to relate to your product. Educational posts and various tips can help to develop communication with the audience. Also, motivational speeches are viral on Instagram and leave a good impression on users.

It will definitely pay off the most if you post pictures of your products or how to use it. In addition to all of the above, you can share the content of so-called funny images with pets and other animals, because you’ll arouse emotion in people. The holidays can also be an inspiration for your Instagram profile.

Always have good quality and different content of your posts. The images you share should be of high quality, and the same should apply to videos. Some of the free tools, such as free photos available through Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay, can help you with this. Also, Canva offers various templates and a multitude of tools related to graphic design and photo creation.

In case your posts in feeds or stories lead to your website, which will be possible from the moment you gain 10,000 followers, make sure that website and all pages on it are easy for navigation and don’t mislead your audience.

Also, make sure your website is live all the time so that link from your Instagram profile doesn’t take them to the blank page or show them an error. For this, quality hosting is of the essence. MySQL hosting offers are well known by easily handling large databases. We stress that this scalability related feature MySQL hosts possess is the key to an excellent performance of your website, which means that every link you publish on Instagram, either promotional or of a sales nature, will lead your audience to the right place.

4. How to Promote Your Instagram Profile? Hashtags Will Help You With That

Your profile will be more functional and visited if you use certain hashtags. They are essential for your business plan on Instagram because they can help you reach more people. If you own a website, run a blog or e-commerce business, in addition to being active on social media, make sure to use the right meta descriptions.

There are different types of hashtags that you can use in your posts and that will give you the answer to the question of how to have more followers on Instagram:

  • Branded hashtags that you create for your unique brand. 
  • Industry hashtags describe the field you do and they are one of the most commonly used on Instagram. 
  • Content hashtags track content and describe posts. 
  • Niche hashtags aim to reach as much as possible (reach + engagement).

For hashtags to be functional and have the right purpose, you need to research them before using them. The free tool All Hashtag can help you with that, as it will single out the 30 most wanted results of your search. Select which hashtags suit you best and use 6-9 different, which is an optimal number for Instagram.

Always use different types of hashtags in your posts, but be careful not to overdo it because there’s a possibility that your post will get lost in a sea of other posts. Also, Instagram can assess your post overloaded with hashtags as spam, which certainly won’t be suitable for your business profile on Instagram.

5. Always Use CTA in Your Posts

What should constantly be present in your posts is a certain “call to action”. If this isn’t the case, your followers won’t be able to react to your brand. Of course, CTA can’t and shouldn’t always be of a sales type, but it should encourage people to feedback or conversation – to visit your website, leave a comment, like something, etc.

The best places to use CTA are your profile description, bio, pictures, and the content you write below the posts. The CTA must be easily visible and easy to use, so as not to confuse your followers or complicate the situation unnecessarily. Regularly look for new people and companies who might be interested in your product – connect with them and communicate.

How to Progress on Instagram? Easy, You Only Get Benefits From It

Do you want to boost your business, make extra money, or just be present on social media and be a topic people talk about? The Instagram business profile you create for your company will help you with all this. With it, you’ll present your products in the best way.

An Instagram business profile will allow you to get to know your followers, analyze your target audience, and target new people. You’ll be able to post ads and make various promotions. Be creative, innovative, and active every day on Instagram because of the algorithm, and the results will come.

Without a doubt, a quality Instagram business profile will help you achieve success in your business!

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