Link Building Tool - Help in Making Quality Backlinks

What you can do with this Link Building tool?

The free Link Building tool provided by Counting Characters. This tool is a great weapon to find out quality backlink opportunities on Google. Our tool is the best for those SEO experts who always looking for great websites to point out their website link.

  • You can find the best sources for link building as per your industry and country basis.
  • This tool helps you in making quality backlinks by following activities: Directory submission, Guest Post, Question Answers, Business Listing, Forums, Classifieds and so on.

How much important Link Building in the SEO?

  • SEO is the divided into the two parts, first is On page SEO and second is Off page SEO. The second part of the SEO is all about the Link Building.
  • In this term, we find out relative websites to get the backlink to our website.
  • More backlinks means more votes towards your website.
  • In today, we have to focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • That's why we built this tool that helps you to find best resources for backlinks.
  • Backlink has mainly two types: 1) Do Follow Backlink 2) No Follow Backlink.
  • Which backlink has attribute rel="nofollow" so it is no follow backlink. Google don't pass the value in this links.
  • Which backlink has no rel="" attribute or rel="dofollow" so it is the type of dofollow backlink. Google pass the value in this links.
  • Try to maintain the ratio between dofollow and nofollow backlinks.
  • Suggested On Page SEO tool - Page Title and Meta Description Length Checker

Link Building Strategies

  1. Directory Submission
  2. Directory submission is the best off page technique to get listed your newly developed website to authoritative directory websites. With the using of this tool, you can find out directory backlinks opportunity by searching the Google queries.

  3. Guest Post
  4. Guest Posting is one of the most effective activities in the Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Many Executives and Bloggers use this tool to find those blogs that accept guest posting.

  5. Business Listing
  6. Business Listing is the most important factor to rank local shop in Google. Unlike the list on Google Business Listing, there are so many platforms, where you can list your business like Yelp, Hotfrog, Business Finder and so on. This tool helps you in making business listing backlinks to rank well on Google.

  7. Question Answering
  8. Answer the questions that relate your business is the best way to connect your target customers. This tool helps you to find those questions that relate to your business, so you can easily answer that questions. Find out your business related questions on Quora, Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers and other platforms now.

  9. Classified Submission
  10. Classified Submission also help in generation sales, if you add quality images and well-written description to your classified. Our tool helps you in finding the local classified websites, where you can post your business classified as per daily and weekly basis. Make sure to use the quality images that engage users to click your website URL.

  11. Forum Posting
  12. There are so many forums or community discussion websites, from where you can get backlinks to your website by answer and suggestion to a specific discussion. With the use of our tool, you can search forum websites as per your business industry.

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