Add Watermark to Photo Online

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How to Add Watermark to Your Photo?

Adding watermark to photo is a very easy process. To add watermark to your photos, you need to upload the main image and watermark image. After uploading both images, this tool starts the process and gives you an output file within a few seconds.

As of now our tool only support to add image watermark. Our tool adds a watermark image to the main image instantly without losing the image quality.

What type of image should be used in the watermark?

To add watermark in your image, you should use PNG version of your logo which should be transparent. If you don't have a transparent logo, then you can use a logo which has a white background. And make sure logo quality should be high which will not blur when you apply that on any image.

Why you should watermark your image?

To make copyright on your creative, you can add watermark in your creative this will stop others to use your image without adding the main source. It will also protect others to edit and reuse your creatives.